Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ava's 2

Ava loved her 2nd birthday. We had some Jones cousins over and had hamburgers and was a rager. We even had both sets of Grandparents there. Happy B'day Ava, you are so sweet and smart. We love ya!

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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Tanner's new bed!

We finally took down Tanner's crib and bought him a full size bed. We got our $ out of that crib. Up until a week ago he has slept in it with the front rail off. He was so excited when the delivery truck came and brought his bed into his room.
Brandt loves this bed. He always falls asleep with Tanner now that he can lay down and read stories right by Tanner.
Grandma Teresa and Grandpa Dan got here late Thur. night from Kansas for a visit and for Ava's birthday. We love having them.
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Wrights came to town!

Our good friends from Burlington(now Kansas City) came to visit for the weekend last week. Tanner and Carter picked up right where they left off from last time. They just love to play and laugh together.
We played a little Rock Band, ate out, and watched The Office!
I just love this girl. We used to be together almost every day, and now we see each other like every 6 months. She is great, it was fun to hang out again.
This is Tanner and Ava that Sunday after church. They both had new clothes on!!
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Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Ava right out of the shower, gotta love her hair. She is so cute!

Tanner eating chocolate m&m's after church.....perfect!
Nusery is truly exaustimg!! Here is the proof. I do have to admit that church is more enjoyable now that I don't have baby on my hip the whole 3 hrs. Tanner is a sunbeam and Ava is in nursery. I get to see Tanner because I am in the Primary Pres. It is cute to watch him with his new class.
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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Brandt is 33!

No Brandt hasn't joined the West Side Gang"they said he was too white!". Brandt turned 33! We got to go on a date while my parents and Lori and Ryan watched the kids.
Brandt is a crowd pleaser around 3-4 yr olds!!
He lead us in singing to him, he really likes to be in charge. I let him think that he WAS for the day!
Happy Birthday Babe, I love is to another 33 years!
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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Christmas with some Jacobsen's

Ava and Tanner got a new drum set the second time SANTA came and some other great stuff. Santa was a little too busy this season, wow. My parents and Lori and Ryan Jones came to visit on th 26th-Jan1. We had fun!

Tanner never falls asleep on the couch around 7, but I think Grandpa's stories and jokes can have that affect on anyone!! J/K
Lori showed Ava a good time by always giving her chocolate. Here she is discovering the power of brownie mix. Delish!
I think having family just wore us out, here is Ava all cuddled up with Uncle Ryan. He is so sweet to her and she loves it!!!
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Friday, January 2, 2009


All the little JONES cousins, so cute! They sang jingle bells for us moms and dads
Christmas morning at home!! The kids were pumped.
Ava in a new Christmas dress, she got gum on it about 2 hours later. DW40 got it out!!
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Christmas Time

This is Ava on our way to Grams and Poppies house.
Brandt wanted a picture of our kids with his Grandma Jones, Tanner took it very seriously!!
Brandt's brother Coby and his wife Brandy and their boys!
The cutest shepards in America.....and yes they used those candy canes as weapons as soon as the nativity was over.
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