Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Dad's in Charge

Daddy was in charge!
I left to run to the store and had Brandt feed the kids the bean and cheese quesadillas I made.
When I got back I could barely identify Ava. Kids are the best.

Brandt and Tanner have become best buds. It is great. Tanner used to only let Mommy do things with and for him and now he asks for Daddy. He even ASKED Brandt to cut his toe and fingernails the other day. Also Tanner has stopped wearing his Lightening Mcqueen clothes and dresses in cargo pants and regular shirts. Mommy loves it. I think the change has to do with his new obsession with Monster Trucks. He has loosened up on his Disney"Cars" only attitude.
Here is Ava having lunch after church. We are excited, in a little less than 2 months she will be in nursery. It will be the first time we will have no kids with us during sunday school and relief society/ priesthood since 2005. It will be awesome.

Ava is still not walking yet. Anytime we let go of her hand she drops to the floor. Sound familiar...yea Tanner was the same way.
Didn't walk until he was 18 months old.
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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mother's Day

We had a great Mother's Day......Thanks to Brandt!
I got to sleep in and get ready for church in peace & quiet.

The kids gave me a cute card with a gift certificate for free backscratches and a new bike trailer/stroller for the summer!
Thanks for a great day.

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I love being a Mom

We enjoyed a 5 day weekend Castle Rock for Mother's Day.

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Thursday, May 1, 2008

2yrs and Counting for Lori and Ryan

April 28 2008

Two years ago we got to go to Lori and Ryan Jones' wedding in California!

They have survived their first 2 years.

Lori and Ryan are such a sweet couple and are a great aunt and uncle to my kids.
We love you guys!

Tanner sure has changed a lot.

These pics were from his life before his wardrobe had to be one of red and blue and cars and Lightning McQueen all over.
What a boy!

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Ava's Hospital Stay

April 16-17 2008

Our little Ava got so so sick when we went to Topeka, Kansas to visit Grandma and Grandpa
Jacobsen. She vomitted constantly for about 3 days and finally the 4th day we had here admitted and put on an IV.

She started to act more like herself ( we had really missed the smiling, energetic, eating and drinking Ava)!

We got to take her home after she had been there about a day and a half. To our horror she started throwing up again. We called the hospital and got some drugs for her.
After it all kinds of testing, we discovered she had gotten pneumonia from being sick with the stomach flu two weeks prior. She must have gotten some vomit in her lungs and it resulted in a very sick girl, and a busy mom and grandma trying to take care of her.
Thanks to prayers, a priesthood blessing, IV fluid and antibiotics she is doing much better.
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Ava in hospital

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Tanner is Three

We were impressed with Tanner when he let us teach him that he was three now and not two.
He is a pretty strong willed guy, I guess he was having a weak moment.

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More Birthday Pics

Tanner enjoyed his McQueen Birthday cake.

Tanner's 3rd Birthday

March 27 2005

Grandma and Ava Lynn

Grandma and Pop pop came for the Birthday weekend.

We had a pizza party and had the cousins over

I can't believe we've made it 3 years!