Monday, July 21, 2008

Squishy Pumpkins?

Tanner and Brandt were bonding tonight! They were making me a birhtday cake for tomorrow and listening to music and playing their air guitars. We have been working on potty training for the last two weeks and it has been slightly successful but mostly so so annoying and frustrating. WHY? Mostly because Tanner never TELLS us he needs to go. It is just a constant job of saying "Tanner sit on the potty and try or you have to go to time out." He then cries and fights it, sits on the potty and sometimes pees (Rewarded with gumballs or MONSTER TRUCK stickers) on the occasion he has even gone #2.
We are far from done though, he has accidents, and just isn't even close.
Now.... back to the story of tonight.
Tanner is wearing underwear and we are watching his everymove.
Tanner comes to Brandt making a motion with his hands of squishing a hamburger patty and says "Daddy Squishy!!! Squishy! Brandt ofcourse thinks Tanner has pooped his PANTS!!! He tries checking Tanner's pants and Tanner is like "Daddy no, Squishy Pumpkins. Listen to Squishy PUmpkins."

Brandt is more than thrilled that his only son is pumped about playing guitar...
and NOW a fellow, die hard SMASHING PUMPKINS fan to boot, what could be better?

When Brandt told ME about it, I was just glad I didn't have to clean poop out of MonsterTruck underwear.

Little boys really are the best!!!

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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Happy 4th

We had breakfast at Grams and Poppy's house. Ryan, Jess, Macey, Connor and Uncle Chase were there too! After that we went to a big 4th celebration at a park in Castle Rock.
For dinner we went to a BBQ block party and stayed for fireworks being let off in the street. We had a great day. Below is a picture of FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION!!!

This past week we also had some work done in the yard. We are getting closer to having our backyard finished. We can't wait.

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Ava is Walking!!

We thought it would never happen, but on Father's Day Ava just took off. She was almost 17 months old when she started. It has been fun to see her learn and get excited about her new skill. She still likes to shake her booty and crawl around too.
SO,,,,, I guess Tanner and Ava can both walk now, so it's time to tackle the toilet.

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Trip to Topeka

Mommy got the energy and the nerve to drive to Topeka from Burlington again! It takes us about 7 hours and it's tough. It is worth it though to spend time with Grandma Teresa and Grandpa Dan. They are so so much help with Tanner and Ava and we always have fun.
Here we are at the Topeka Zoo, we got to ride on the train(no one cried....miracle!)
Aunt Lori came to Topeka too. She is the best.

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