Saturday, October 25, 2008

There's no basement in the Alamo!

Brandt and I got to get away for the weekend! No kids, cleaning, diapers, carseats, Blue's Clues, bottles, tantrums, etc! It was great. I think I appreciate the time away a little more than Brandt does though. We went to San Antonio,TX for a dental convention. We met up with Brandt's bud from Dental School "Goody". When they weren't at the convention we all ate out, went to the movies, swam, mini golfed, and hung out a lot in our hotel room. It was a good time.
Yes, that is a toothbrush in Brandt's mouth. He is addicted to those things!
Here we are at miniture golf. Goody won by 2 points.
This was the coolest thing in San Antonio......besides the ALAMO. It is called the Riverwalk and it was beautiful. It is a big loop you can walk next to a river and it is lined with pretty landscape, restaurants and hotels.
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Coming Home

Tanner and Ava didn't let me out of their sight for the next 24 hours after we got back. I guess it is nice to be needed so much!
Thankfully, Lori and my mom are amazing and came to stay with the kids while Brandt and I left for the weekend. They are amazing.
Lori is going to find out if she is having a boy or girl in Nov. We are all excited.
Tanner was pumped when Brandt showed him the hat he brought back from Texas. Tanner is such a character. I don't know where he gets it from.
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Monday, October 13, 2008

Sorry it is confusing

Okay, so we moved to Burlington 3 years ago (after Brandt finished dental school) and lived in that house from 2005-now. In 2007 we bought this house in Castle Rock as a 2nd home(in hopes that we would live here permenantely after finding a dentist office to buy. SO......for the past year we have been living in 2 homes at the same time!! We lived in this house (castle rock) on the weekends(Fri-Sun) and in Burlington( M-Th). The drive between the two is 2 and 1/2 hours(that part really stunk).

So a couple weeks ago Brandt sold the Burlington practice and bought an existing practice in Castle Rock from a dentist that is retiring. Luckily, Heavenly Father has blessed us so much with all of this transition and opportunity. For example, our little home in Burlington sold in 2 days!

We love living full time in Castle Rock. Having a brand new house is the best. It feels good to have ALL of our stuff in one home now and not have to grocery shop for 2 homes!
These are just a few pics. I haven't taken any in a while.

Does that make any sense?!?

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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Bye Burlington!

Here we were Friday finishing packing up and moving completely out. We had been living here and in Castle Rock for a year. We appreciate the opportunity we were given in Burlington and will miss some people and some things about it. So Long!

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Friday, October 10, 2008

Tanner's First Field Trip

This was the perfect 1st field trip for Tanner. He is so PUMPED about Halloween and pumpkins. It was a cute trip. We had fun.

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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Conference and Pumpkins!!

Those two words sum up the events of the weekend!

On Saturday our friends the Scotts (rad lds neighbors, originally from No Cal) invited us to go to a place called Anderson Farms to get pumpkins, ride rides, see a petting zoo... etc! We had a great time. They even had a corn maze, but it started to rain and our kids were a little fussy after a couple of hours of fun. We actually got to ride behind a tractor and go to the pumpkin patch. We even got to pull the pumpkins off the vine.
Isn't Brandt such a babe?!

Our friends the Scotts! Rick, Aidan, Kellen, Jyll and snuggled up close to his mommy....Curren.
We watched a lot of conference and chilled in our pj's for most of the day on Sunday. Great weekend!
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more pumpkins

Ava is so so darling, and she also cries and whines so so much......bless her heart. She mostly had fun at the pumpkin patch!
Tanner's favorite thing was the maze....I think this picture shows Tanner running away from Ava's crying. He also enjoyed milking a fake cow.... Brandt and I are so proud. I think he is ready for household chores!
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A new cousin!

Ryan and Jessica Jones had their 3rd baby! Ok...Jess had her.
She is so so sweet! They named her Jolie Michelle Jones. What a cute family they are. Congrats to you all.

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