Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Grandparent time!

My mom came for a week! She came because Brandt was leaving to go to Whissler in Canada for a guys snowboarding trip and my dad came for 2 days to help celebrate Tanner's birthday. I just love my parents....and so do my kids! Above, is my mom with the kids at the zoo, on a sunny day!!
Im pretty sure that Ava would sit on my mom's lap for 3 days straight.
My kids spend a ridiculously wonderful amount of time coloring!
ANd yes, Ava really does wear that dress almost everyday! She only wears dresses.........anyone want a closet full of cute shirts and pants and skirts in exchange for "poofy" dresses! Ha
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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Potty Training Nightmare

After having such a tough time getting Tanner to use the potty when he was 31/2 I waited until Ava was 3 to really start trying.......she is totally ready and can hold "it" and will go hours dry and then pee her pants when we get home on the carpet instead of just telling me she has to go. You get the idea! Just a nightmare. After weeks of on and off the potty and bribing her with dresses, dolls, candy, a trip to disneyland, etc, /................even letting her watch movies while she "tries"..............she is back in diapers (her choice). Ugh. I am just going to wait until she isn't stubborn about it and wants to be big. I look at other kids that are potty trained and are like 2 and just don't get it. Oh well. Atleast I don't have to "hold"her like the picture below everytime.....and she would always say that she DIDN"T need PRIVACY, how funny. GIrls are just made to be social peepee..ers!

St. Pat's Day morning I think Im a cool mom and make them green pancakes with a shamrock in the you think they ate them? Of course not, they are green mom! SOOOO they had cereal.
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