Sunday, September 20, 2009

Lake Mead

Last weekend we flew the fam to Las Vegas. We stayed in a rental home with some of Brandt's old roomates and their families from BYU days and ofcourse Goodman.....a dental school friend. We had fun on the boat each day. We wakeboarded and tubed. The kids just loved jumping into the water to cool off.

It was a fun trip, although I must say I am done with traveling for a while....until Christmas rolls around and then I will be all ready to fly again.
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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

School Pictures

Here are some quick mug shots I got before we took them to school last week on picture day! I can't wait to see what the professionals got. Ava is just getting so big. When I tell her that she always, mom I am small.

Who says you have to wear a shirt to watch a movie late at night and eat popcorn??!!
I guess it's not a rule here.......yet!
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Monday, September 7, 2009

Rockies Game

We got some tickets from an Oral Surgeon to go to the Rockies game. The weather was perfect and the seats were great. The kids even did surprisingly well. I know I look like a giant amidst my cute little family......I didn't hurt them.
This is Ava on the way to the game.
Here are the kids before school one day...........they are still lovin school.
Tanner and Ava at the top of "the rock" in Castle Rock. We climbed that last Saturday....... it was hot! Ava didn't break a sweat though, she got to ride on Daddy's shoulders.
They both got hurt soon after this picture was taken................ What is a hike without some crying involved, right?!!
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