Sunday, September 14, 2008

Picture This

Tanner had school pictures taken!!

This is him and his sidekick on that morning. These pics are cute, but I'm nervous to see what the school pictures look like. He really likes to stick out his tongue and make faces when the camera comes out.

Here are some fun times on the couch. We like to read monster truck books and of course eat. These are the days!

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Family Fun

We got together for a BBQ with the Jones's. Chase is about to head back to BYU Idaho, so we wanter to say good bye. The kids made little s'mores, and ran around playing, it was great.
This is Brandt and two of his brothers. Ryan and Chase. They did some mountain biking together recently!
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Monday, September 1, 2008

She's Talking!

Our little Ava has become quite the talker in the last couple of weeks. Brandt and I are blown away by this because Tanner vocabulary wasn't even close to Ava's. She just talks more everyday. It is fun to see her grow and develop. She is very sassy and sweet and pretty patient...due to the fact that she is the second child.

Here are soome of the things I can think of that she says.......Thank you, please, ice, get down, I did it, push, share, truck, shoe, sock, bye, hi, more, chicken, cookie, morning, mommy, daddy, Tanner, no, book, popcorn, drink, juice, bottle, blankie, nite nite, bath, shower, hair, show, sunscreen, swim, duck, cow, cat, bug...the list goes on and on.
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