Monday, February 22, 2010

Never say never

Who would have guessed we would be MONSTER TRUCK fans!??

Okay well I guess if you really know me you know I am ghetto and a little W.T. The truth is that when you get FREE go(especially when you get to sit in a sweet private box with a bathroom and drinks....need I say more!?)

Thanks to an endodonist that Brandt refers to we get to go to Av's games and my favorite..... Nuggets games.

The kids had a good time once they got some earplugs. Those trucks are ridiculously loud! How cute is Ava? All GIRLIE at a Monster Truck Rally.................not sure who she gets that from.
Torro Loco was the best that night. Of course we all enhoyed seeing Grave Digger......I remember having my little 3 year old telling people that Grave Digger was his favorite m.t. years ago and being embarrased that he even knew those words....but maybe he didn't know the meaning or that's what I would tell myself!
As you can see............................. we all got into in and had fun. And no he had not been drinking.!!
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Friday, February 5, 2010

The Princess is 3

That 's much as I think of her as my baby...."she is a big girl(who refuses to sit on the potty!!) Hilarious....I must have been the most hard headed and stubborn little child because BOTH of my children have this wonderful quality. Payback is a B!! Just kidding

Heres she is with her favorite Prince......her Daddy. Hopefully it will be years before that changes!

Ava and Grandma worked on her cake together! So darling.....everything is more fun when sugar is involved too!

Ava got a lot of cute things for her birthday...lots of princess dress ups and a sweet slide type castle thing from grandma teresa and grandpa dan. Thanks for coming to visit us for her birthday.
Just love love this little lady. Happy Birthday Princess.
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