Sunday, June 22, 2008

Happy Father's Day


Thanks for being such a great daddy! The kids are blessed to have such a wonderful father.
We love You!!!


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Thursday, June 19, 2008




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Jones Trip to Ouray, CO

We met up with all of the Jones Crew for a weekend at a cabin in the mountains.
These are my favorite pictures of Brandt and I and our HAPPY LITTLE CAMPERS!!!

Here is us at the lake, Tanner was to busy throwing rocks and dried up deer poop into the water to be in the picture.

Here are the young mommies and our youngest babies, Jessica's sleeps through the night already. How do you do it Jess?
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Chase, Amber, Valerie,Chase, Jessica, Connor and Macey.
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Too much time in the car

In the last 2 weeks we have driven to Ouray, CO and then Topeka, KS. Both trips took almost the whole day and were not very fun. We also are constantly driving back and forth from Burlington to Castle Rock. So this post is to commemorate the hideous trips lately!!!
Ava is not a fan of being in her carseat for long periods of time and she doesn't let you forget.
Tanner is pretty good in the car if he can watch a movie and play his air guitar as shown here.
Unfortunately, the naps taken in the car are always way to short

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Fun in the Sprinkler

Ava and Tanner playing in the the front yard (yea we aren't too proud to be white trash)


It's finally warm enough to be outside and this is one of the kids favorite activities.

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Monday, June 2, 2008


With the weather FINALLY getting warmer we have been outside as much as possible. This post is to give PROPS to Tanner for finally being willing to wear a hat! In the picture he is actually wearing his hat and then Brandt's on top of it. I'm pumped that he will wear a hat considering that he is the blondest boy in Colorado. I'm constantly drenching my kids with sunscreen so if he wears a hat I feel like I can conquer the fight against sunburns! And I couldn't resist adding in the picture of Ava in her chefs hat.

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Memorial Day Weekend




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We had a fun Memorial day weekend! We got to spend time with Grams, Poppy ,Ryan, Jess , Macey and Connor. After a breakfast with all of these guys we hung out with some of our new friends we made at church the Scotts. (They live in our neighborhood as well)
Then it was off to Burlington again.
That drive is getting a little redundant! But it is good to keep the family together.

Recent Pictures of the Kiddos




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