Sunday, January 24, 2010

Grandparent time!

Here are the kiddos with Grams and Poppy before their school Christmas program. Grams made Ava's dress and bow and gave Tanner that new stylin outfit to wear. They both sang so well that night. My smile muscles hurt that night when they werer done with their program. Brandt and I were so proud.

Unfortunately I didn't take too many pics at Grandma Teresa and Grandpa Dans. But we got the kids together and this is one of my favorites. Hard to tell which one Ava is right?! SHe is the one in purple with the ridiculously huge bow. It was part of a dress up she got from Santa and she wore it for like a week afterwards. It was fun to play with Carter, Lizzie, and Katie. We wished we lived closer. Congrats to my sister in law Mara. She is expecting # 3!!!
On new years eve we got to spend time with our buddies the Barton's. Just love their family. Thanks for a fun night in your new house and Happy 2010 to us all!!!!!!!!!!!
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Startin to catch up

You know you are busy during the holidays when you have slacked on your blog . We had a great holiday with lots of family. We had dinner with Grams and Poppy the night before Santa came and then the day after Christmas we flew to Reno to see all of my brothers and sister. It was a quick trip but fun.
Tanner and Ava were so sweet on Christmas morning, excited and grateful for each thing.....we loved it. They are so fun and darling. I was so pumped I didn't sleep the night Santa came.

We are so grateful for a loving Savior and the Christmas season. We have so much to be thankful for and know that all we have comes from a loving Heavenly Father and his Son.
We look forward to next Christmas......but I won't lie, it is nice to be done with all of the chaos for a couple months.
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