Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Breakfast

Our ward held a Breakfast with Santa! The kids loved it. This year Ava didn't even scream at Santa!
Here are some of Tanner's good buds from our ward,neighborhood and preschool.........and his cute sister
Ava actually had a nice long conversation with Santa, and I LEARNED THEN that she wanted a PINK KITTY from him! Santa works hard!!

Maybe it was the sugar or the excitement of Christmas, but these faces were easy to get out of these kids!!! Tis the Season
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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Thanksgiving 09

We had a fun and busy celebrating Thanksgiving with Brandt's family! We have so so much to be grateful. Look at the size of that table! Half of it is kids.

This is Ava and her cousin Quint. All of the cousins play so well together now that they are older! Of course I didn't get a pic of them all together.
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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Such fun ages!

These are just some recent cute pictures of my kids. I just love this age for both of them. They are adorable. If kids were born at the age 2-3 I probably would have more kids. Anyway....I just love them and am so lucky to be there mom!

This is my favorite girl! She has so much sweet in her... and even more smart! I just love being around her!
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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Tanner's Thanksgiving @ Preschool

Tanner and his classmates. Boston Kellen Tanner and Briggs. .. Jake was traveling. They did a cute program and then a feast for the moms and siblings. Happy Thanksgiving!

This is Mrs. Terri. We just love her, she is amazing.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Comfy nap

I found my little Ava asleep like this while her and Tanner were watching a movie one afternoon. She has stopped taking her 1-2 hour naps in her room, but sometimes falls asleep for awhile in the car or on the carpet. I had to take a picture, then I woke her up and tried to cuddle her but she just cried and cried......I should have left her I guess.
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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween 2009

It is rare to get everyone smiling at the same time for a picture, we lucked out here, but Daddy isn't in it, he is behind the camera.

Tanner was a Power Ranger and Ava was a fairy from the movie TinkerBell. The kids had a great time Trick or Treating and they really liked handing candy and toothbrushes out to the kids who came to our house.
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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Grandma Teresa Came

........And so did the SNOW!!!!

Our poor snowman fell over shortly after the above picture! Luckily it missed Tanner.

Pretty lame this is one of the only pics of my mom I took the whole time, I guess we were pretty, shoveling snow, cookin, cleaning,shopping........the regular.
We love Grandma Teresa, she is amazing! Can't wait to see her again at Christmas!

Monday, October 26, 2009


I'm not usually a fan of these things, but because Rhonda tagged me........why not. She is like my second mom. I'm supposed to answer these questions in one word. That is hard for a big mouth like me, but here it goes...........

1. Where is you cell phone...purse

2. Where is your significant other... pullin teeth

3. Your hair color... blonde

4. Your mother... perfect

5. Your father...hard working

6. Your favorite thing... bed

7. Your dream last night... blurry

8. Your dream goal... happy

9. Room you're in... office

10. Your hobby... eating

11. Your fear... fat

12. Where do you want to be in 6 years... here

13. Where were you last night... home

14. What you're not... athletic

15. One of your wish-list items... cure

16. Where you grew up...Livermore

17. The last thing you ate... salad

18. What are you wearing... Jeans

19. Your TV... large

20. Your pet... fish

21. Your computer... information

22. Your mood... happy

23. Missing someone..sister

24. Your car... new

25. Something you're not wearing... coat

26. Favorite store... Target

27. Your summer... TRAVELED

28. Love someone... family

29. Your favorite color... pink

30. Last time you laughed... today

31. Last time you cried.....?

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Field Trip

Last week the kid's preschool had a pumpkin patch field was pumped. This is Ava's Class (Miss Angela).
This is Tanner's class......PreK (Miss Laura)
Is it too much to ask for some smiles??
It was a fun trip, the kids loved it.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Lake Mead

Last weekend we flew the fam to Las Vegas. We stayed in a rental home with some of Brandt's old roomates and their families from BYU days and ofcourse Goodman.....a dental school friend. We had fun on the boat each day. We wakeboarded and tubed. The kids just loved jumping into the water to cool off.

It was a fun trip, although I must say I am done with traveling for a while....until Christmas rolls around and then I will be all ready to fly again.
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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

School Pictures

Here are some quick mug shots I got before we took them to school last week on picture day! I can't wait to see what the professionals got. Ava is just getting so big. When I tell her that she always, mom I am small.

Who says you have to wear a shirt to watch a movie late at night and eat popcorn??!!
I guess it's not a rule here.......yet!
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Monday, September 7, 2009

Rockies Game

We got some tickets from an Oral Surgeon to go to the Rockies game. The weather was perfect and the seats were great. The kids even did surprisingly well. I know I look like a giant amidst my cute little family......I didn't hurt them.
This is Ava on the way to the game.
Here are the kids before school one day...........they are still lovin school.
Tanner and Ava at the top of "the rock" in Castle Rock. We climbed that last Saturday....... it was hot! Ava didn't break a sweat though, she got to ride on Daddy's shoulders.
They both got hurt soon after this picture was taken................ What is a hike without some crying involved, right?!!
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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Trip to Reno

We got to fly to Reno last weekend to meet up with everyone in my family. It was a miracle. We saw Uncle Dave, Mark and Paul. I haven't seen any of my brothers in 3 years. We went out on Grandpa's boat one day, then to Tahoe, and just ate and played with the kids a lot!!
Here are all of the little ones. Lizzie looks like one of mine! I would take her. She is potty trained, sleeps through the night and very cute and smart. Lizzie is holding Carter(Aunt Lori's baby) and Katie is Paul and Mara's newest addition.
It took Ava and I a little while to get in, but we did. Brandt and I went wakeboarding, but I didn't get any pics of that.
Good times with Grandpa Dan!!
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