Sunday, July 11, 2010

I wanna soak up the sun!!

We have been able to do some swimming lately!! The kiddie pool rocks, the kids can swim in there for hours without drowning!! Pool days are the best...(other than smothering sunscreen on my insanely adorably pale kiddos the whole time!!)
Ashley and Cody are one of the nicest couples....really! They invite us to come swim all of the time, and we love to crash their community center, it's way less crowded than ours!!
These days are always followed by a trip to Baja Fresh for diet coke and lots of yummo chips and salsa! I will miss these days when we are back in our coats and boots with the bun warmer blasting in the car... I don't love the we are really loving the summertime!
Ava is a natural little swimmer just like Tanner. It is hilarious to watch them constantly putting their faces in the water and then come up smiling and gasping for air....then they go back under for more!
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Happy Father's Day Brandt 2010

We sure love our Daddy!! We celebrated Daddy with a sweet breakfast, lots of new clothes and dinner out at a new Mexican restaurant we like. Thanks for being so wonderful to Tanner and Ava....(and me). I am lucky to have a wonderful husband who makes it possible for me to stay home with the kids!
We also went to a car show that weekend. Tanner was in heaven!!!

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Preschool Graduation

Tanner and Ava both went to Covenant Kids Day Out this past school year! It was our last year there, and they had a lot of fun. I am like 2 months behind.........

Their end of school performance was classic. Ava's teachers told me she could sing and dance to everything, but when showtime came she literally just smiled the whole time, no singing at all. It was so cute!!! Tanner did awesome despite the hyper problem child that he had to stand next to who kept jumping around and bumping into him!!!!

Tanner had Ms Rebecca(and a couple others before who couldn't handle the class) and Ava had Ms Angela....she was wonderful to Ava and even let her bring her flower blankie to school all of the time!! Ms Angela never even made me feel bad for having a 3 year old princess who still didn't use the potty completely at the end of the Ms Angela rocks in my opinion!
We had a picnic afterwards with all the teachers and parents and then it was officially summer!!! Thanks CKDO for a great year and some quiet hours for mommy!
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