Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Ava turns 5!!

Seriously,?! How did my baby girl turn 5? Wow. Above is her on the morning of her Bday! She was actually born at 5 am. We had doughnuts for breakfast.

Later on that week she had a party with her little friends. It was so cute. Lots of Princesses showed up to help her celebrate.

She had a great Bday and she promised me she would stay 5 forever!! (For now she doesn't think being a big person looks like much fun!)
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So they didn't make it to the Super Bowl, but they made it to the PlayOffs!! Brandt was pretty excited, so we were too. We had some partying at our pad to celebrate and watch the games!

I don't know where Tanner learned these signs!!
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Christmas Morning

What can I say......these are the best years! They were so happy and excited.

We had a great time and are so grateful for the Christmas season and for being able to spend it with family!!
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