Sunday, May 10, 2009


I just love love my mom. Here is a shout out to her for being so amazing. Happy Mother's Day. This picture shows how amazing she is. When Tanner was 14 months and I was pregs with Ava, and Brandt was busy at his Dental Practice in Burlington............trouble struck when he fell off of his changing table and to our surprise(a day later at the hospital) broke his little femur bone.
That evening my mom flew into Denver and we picked her up at the airport after we had been at the Children's Hospital in Denver watching our little man suffer and then go under and come out in an almost full body cast. UGH. It was summer and I was pregnant.
My mom stayed with us in Burlington for 2 of the 4 weeks that Tanner was miserable in his cast. That is true MOM love. SHe could've just send a card or called me everyday but no she was there. And Tanner wasn't the easiest little guy, so even more amazing. I love my mom. What an amazing and selfless example she is to me.

I love these two little blondies. Brandt took them out so I could have nap and get my nails done on Saturday. They came home sunburnt, cranky and hungry, BUT I just loved having a minute to myself. THanks Brandt. Love ya all!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Just love my kids!!

Tanner was really quiet one morning while I was cleaning up breakfast and getting his lunch ready for school. THis is the project he was working on. He has a true passion for cars and monster trucks. I think he had lined up 20. Spoiled...? Yes. Hopefully he will be able to have this much perfection and attention to detail when he grows up. Maybe he will be an awesome dentist like his daddy.
This girl just gets better and better( not her hair though). I actually think it gets funkier as she gets older. Takes after her mommy. I can't justify using hair product and a hot straight iron on her yet though.
She is just so smart and funny. I love her!
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