Saturday, October 9, 2010

Growing up!

I just have to post these pictures (for myself!!) My little baby girl is just so grown up! All tall and skinny and pottytrained...sleeps all night in her big girl bed and can write her name and sing her phone number! So so darling!

And this guy....! He just loves his dad and has now become a bit obsessed with watching football...even learning the rules and plays!! Wow! Sure love my kids.......................and the Hunk on the bike too!!
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Sunday, October 3, 2010

End of Summer and Start of School!!

We had a great summer! We hung at the pool a lot and played on the trampoline a lot! We didn't travel too much, but that's what we wanted this year. Ava loves to swim and does great in the water!!
Ava figured out how to wear flip flops this summer!!

Tanner started Kindergarten this year and really likes it so far. He has Mrs. Jones as his teacher and goes in the afternoons..........we are really enjoying our last year of sleeping in!
Im so proud of Tanner, he is one cool and smart kid!!
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Soocer Time

(His soccer team is the Pirates and they make a pirate hook are say arrrrrrrrr when they funny)
Tanner has started playing soccer this year and really loves it! He has a lot of energy and is fun to watch. He says he loves soccer ( I think he likes it so much because his team is undefeated.........that always makes it fun!)
Tanner and his buddy Kellan, they go to school and church together too!
Tanner striking a pose!!
I sure love you Tanner Boy! You are so smart and wonderful!
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