Monday, March 21, 2011

Yeah, it's been cold!

We have had a pretty mild winter...knock on wood!! Although we did get some snow and a sled and some cute pictures while we were at it!!
Daddy pulled them around the neighborhood!! Good thing they didn't ask me....Im kind of a wimp in the snow after about 5 mins!
These two are the best and worst of in point!!

And......back to being friends!!! Gotta love siblings
Gotta love that hair!!!
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Ava is 4

My Mom and I made this Belle Cake for Ava.....ok mostly my Mom did it! Ava loved it. It was a hit.
My baby girl is just getting so big!! She even has tried on a wedding dress...ha! So sweet. SHe loves to dress up

Good Times partying with the princess with family and another day with some little friends. Ava's face is just too funny in this one!!

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Grandma Visits for Ava's Bday

Im so behind with blogging....Ava turned 4 in January and my mom came to celebrate with us!! It was a blast!

Grandma Teresa we sure LOVE you!! I love this picture.
My kids are getting so big!! I love it. I am so proud of them both
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